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Tuesday, April 27th, 2021

Company 7 BBQ

1001 S Main Street

Englewood, Ohio

Prioritizing the Search

Prioritize the Search is a training course focused on multiple search operations to better prepare the students for the communities they serve. We will talk mindset, training and tactics to best serve the citizens we were sworn to protect by prioritizing the search and putting them first. Aggressive mindset, tactics and training is the foundation firemen must have to live up to the oath we swore to uphold.


Chris Kessinger

Chris is a career Lieutenant with the City of Riverside Fire Department. He has been in the fire service for sixteen years. Chris believes that everyone must be a lifelong student of the craft and love this blue collar job. Chris serves as the lead instructor and owner of Citizens First Fire Training in addition to the role of training officer and instructor for numerous schools, training facilities and departments. In addition he is also a member of the Central Ohio FOOLS chapter. While currently assigned to an engine company his passion and heart will always be with truck company operations. Chris is a nobody from nowhere that just loves the job and spreading the passion for it everywhere he goes. Our citizens are our priority and we must always remember our mission and the they are number one.

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