“Running on Empty” - Management of Septic Shock

2 Hour Program

• Define Shock (Hypoperfusion)
• Anatomy and Physiology of Perfusion
• Define Septic Shock
• Discuss the Sign and Symptom of a Septic Patient
• Discuss the Management and Treatment of a Septic Patient

This lecture will look at the facts and statistics of a patient in Septic Shock. We will review the physiology of a Septic Patient and the management of this patient.


Ret. Captain Jeff Orphal

Capt. (ret.) Jeff Orphal was a Captain / Paramedic for the City of Wapakoneta retiring in 2106 and had been with the Toledo Life Flight / Mobile Life Family retiring in 2018 after 14 years. Capt. Orphal has been involved in Prehospital Care since 1976. Received his Firefighter II certification in 1990, Paramedic Certification in 1999, and his EMS / Fire Instructor in 2000. Capt. Orphal has also achieved his Fire Officer II and currently enroll in the Fire Administration program at Columbia Southern University. Capt. Orphal has taught many other programs such as ACLS, BLS, PALS, ASLS and PHTLS. Capt. Orphal teaches Incident
Command System (ICS 300 & 400) throughout the state of Ohio. Capt. Orphal is currently the Public Safety Program Manager at Apollo Career Center where he oversees the Fire & EMS program. Capt. Orphal was also the Training Officer for Ohio 1 Disaster Medical Assistance Team where he deployed to numerous federal deployments over a 14-year career.