Primary Search: Putting Them First

8 Hour Hands on Training Program

Have an understanding of bldg. construction and interior layout of structures to plan for a search procedure

1. Pictures of different building construction and interior layouts
2. Pictures of different bedroom configurations that will affect search procedures
3. Discuss converting windows to doors, using interior doors to assist in stopping flow path

• Review drags and carries single rescuer and multiple rescuer

1. Feet drag
2. Blanket drag
3. Shoulder drag
4. Webbing drag
5. Webbing stretcher
6. Head first drag

• Review left and right-handed search procedures

1. Advantages of searching closest to fire and working way back
2. Targeted search procedures/Review of Primary vs Secondary Searches
• Review oriented search procedures
1. One person with light and/or TIC to maintain orientation while partner searches room
2. Leap frogging

• Obtain a thorough understanding of thermal imaging camera and its limitations and what to do when it stops working

1. Basic Functions
2. Using with gloved hands
3. Trouble shooting
4. Using during interior search operations

• Obtain an understanding and perform of personal and large area search procedures

1. Tool assignments and positions
2. Differentiating between RIT based rope assisted search vs large area search vs personal rope search
• Based on current statistics, review where most victims are found during a fire and how to maximize efforts in rescuing them
1. FEMA and Search Culture Statistics

PPE Required: Full Turnout Gear, Helmet, Hearing Protection, Eye Protection, Gloves, & SCBA with Spare Bottle.

Lead Instructor

Captain Stephen Cox

Stephen Cox has 14 years on the job currently serving Flagler Beach Fire Department, currently assigned as Battalion 11. He is a Paramedic, Fire Officer 2 , Fire Instructor, and is a marine rescue operator. Capt. Cox holds an A.S degree in EMS. He received Public Safety Individual of the Year in 2016, Firefighter of the Year in 2013 and had a life saving award in 2015. Capt. Cox focuses on skills and teaches skills dependent on staffing models out there. Capt. Cox originated East Coast Fire Tactics after having a hunger for knowledge in the fire service and realized the worst information out there is information unshared.

HOT Classes will be held at the National Center for Medical Readiness at Calamityville in Fairborn.