High-Rise Fires and Emergencies

2 Hour Program

This course goes beyond just highrise fires, with less time devoted to the obvious building construction and incident command, the course will focus on the following:

  • wind-driven fires
  • elevator operations
  • size up
  • residential vs commercial strategy and tactics
  • ventilation
  • search and evacuation
  • roof operations
  • attached occupanices
  • adjacent properties
  • underground parking areas
  • utility penthouses
  • air handlers
  • storage areas
  • methane
  • propane and CO releases
  • stack effect
  • fires in the subdivision

This course prepares the new firefighter and company officer to mitigate various incidents involving a highrise building. Additional UL studies, NIST and LODD case studies will be reviewed and discussed.


Captain Brian Butler

Brian Butler is a fire Captain and 22 year veteran of the fire service currently assigned to Engine Co 10 in downtown Trenton (NJ). He is also a member of the King of Prussia PA Fire Rescue in suburban Philadelphia. Butler serves as a rescue technician and hazmat technician with the Southeastern PA (Montgomery County) Technical Rescue Task Force and Hazmat Response Team and is a level 2 fire instructor. He is the owner of HERCULES fire training, and a contributor author at Firehouse, Fire Engineering, and UrbanFireTraining.com.

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