Forcible Entry for First Due Companies

8 Hour Hands on Training Program

Forcible Entry class will be presented by Western Buckeye Training. This class will consist of a brief classroom session with the remainder of the day spent engaging in hands on forcible entry. Students will be proficient in attacking inward/outward swinging doors using both a 2 firefighter method and single firefighter method. With this class students will develop the skills and knowledge to gain access to a building with minimal damage created and initiate the tactics that are appropriate to achieve the “First and 10” goal of being the first due unit on the scene and completing fire ground bench marks within the first 10 minutes with minimal staffing.

PPE Required: Full Turnout Gear, Helmet, Hearing Protection, Eye Protection, Gloves, & SCBA with Spare Bottle.

Lead Instructor

Jordan Hempker

Jordan Hempker is a 10-year member of fire service and is originally from the Lima area. Jordan is currently a full-time firefighter/paramedic with the American Township Fire Department (Lima area) and also serves as a part-time firefighter/paramedic for the Clinton Township Fire Department (Columbus area). Jordan created Western Buckeye Training to help other members of Fire Service expand their knowledge and skill sets to give the citizens of the community highly trained first responders. Jordan is a firm believer that the community and the citizens comes first; customer service is a key element in the success of fire departments.

HOT Classes will be held at the National Center for Medical Readiness at Calamityville in Fairborn.