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October 16th, 17th, & 18th, 2024

Greene County Expo Center

Xenia, Ohio

Presented By:

Megan Lautz

Fire & Police Nutritionist

Rescue RD


Megan is a civilian Registered Dietitian and Personal Trainer on a mission to help first responders optimize performance, recover faster, and enjoy long, healthy retirements. Her background in wellness and graphic design has allowed her to lead engaging health campaigns for first responders.

First responders face unique challenges when it comes to health. These challenges have inspired me to create targeted, realistic solutions throughout the lifecycle of a first responder’s career. Megan thrives on translating complicated health information into manageable lifestyle changes that fit into an unpredictable shift.

Megan’s interest in a first responder’s lifestyle has contributed to my success with CPAT participants, recruits, incumbents, and leadership. Her health coaching participants have lost an average of 14 pounds, up to 8% body fat, and up to a 30-point reduction in cholesterol. She has created a recruit nutrition curriculum that has effectively eliminated rhabdomyolysis and hydration-related injury in the past five recruit classes. 

Megan believes in a “boots on the ground” approach to wellness. She has trained for and passed CPAT, and is always up for a ride-along or a fitness challenge. Megan can often be found at a station or academy teaching nutrition, fitness, mobility, or just hanging out to learn more about firefighters. 

She currently is working full time with Fairfax County Fire and Rescue in Virginia. Megan provides freelance counseling, presentations, and is always interested in a challenge.

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