Battalion Chief David Bernzweig

Chief Bernzweig started his career with the Columbus Fire Department in 1997 and has risen through the ranks to his current assignment as a Battalion Chief. He was the Department’s Safety Officer from 2014-2016. He began his fire service career in 1986, having served the Chesterland VFD (Chesterland, OH) the Clinton Townnship Division of Fire (Columbus, OH) and the Jackson Township Fire Department (Grove City, OH).

Chief Bernzweig is actively involved in many fire service organizations. He has been the Director of Health and Safety for the Ohio Association of Professional Firefighters since 2014. Other involvement includes:

  • Member of NFPA Technical Committee for Fire Service Occupational Safety and Health (2010 to present); serving as a Task Group Chair for NFPA 1500, 1521 and 1584
  • Member of NFPA Technical Committee for Respirator Protective Equipment (2004 to present)
  • Member of NFPA Fire Protection Research Foundation’s Project Panels:
    • Analysis of Fire Fighter Eating and Sleeping Patterns
    • Validation of Cleaning Procedures for Fire Fighter PPE
    • Campaign for Fire Service Contamination Control
  • Member if the IAB (Interagency Board)
  • Member of the FDIC Advisory Board (2006 to present)
  • Member of the NFPA Fire Service Section Executive Board (2018 to present)

Chief Bernzweig is active in IAFF Local 67, having served as an officer and trustee. He has presented at many conferences and received numerous service awards.

Chief Bernzweig has received two BA degrees: An Economics degree and a Political Science degree–both from Ohio State University.